Comeback my daughters - a parade of horses

Or for even more timeless red frocks, head to the edit below and shop our hero buys from Roland Mouret, Vesper, Jessica Wright and Miss Selfridge.

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Bush seems to have come to a place of acceptance, however. "I am not grateful for the moment," he says. "But I'm grateful for what I've gotten out of it. I'm grateful that it hit me all the way to my core." And now, the Manhattan-born broadcaster is ready to get back to work. With Propagate's Owens and co-CEO Ben Silverman, Bush has been developing a series designed to show audiences a deeper and more empathetic side to him. The trio are light on details but say that pop culture, sports and interviews likely will play a role. And though the project won't be the right fit for A+E Networks CEO Nancy Dubuc's portfolio of channels, she suggests she'd have no hesitation about putting Bush back on the air.

Your corduroy blazer is an absolute winner. For those of us whose thighs ‘kiss’, there is a real risk of sounding like a train when walking in corduroy trousers….Choo,Choo, Choo.

At any level, there is simply no excuse for boys teams – in any sports – to be prioritised at the expense of girls’ teams. In fact up until they get to 13-14, I think they should look at basing the teams on weight rather than gender or age. So you would have a 10 stone category, nine stone, eight stone teams rather than girls and boys. I know there are better placed people at RFU and looking into this, but the key is that girls aren’t deprived of good coaches because they are girls. 

Comeback My Daughters - A Parade of HorsesComeback My Daughters - A Parade of HorsesComeback My Daughters - A Parade of HorsesComeback My Daughters - A Parade of Horses